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Combatting the causes and effects of homelessness

Glasgow Helpline: 0800 027 7466

Open 24 Hours (Free from Landlines)

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Volunteer With Us

There are many ways anyone can contribute to helping find solutions for people.

How people end up homeless is many and various. And just as the story of each and every homeless person in Scotland will be different, so everyone in Scotland can be part of the solution. 

Our roots are in volunteering. Combatting homelessness involves all of us – as a community. 

We are identifying a range of ways people can volunteer with us. Each of these roles will help make a difference for the people we support. They will include:

  • Running workshops or sharing a skill
  • Supporting our Helpline team
  • Offering company and support to people in our accommodation services.

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We are currently looking for people who can join our Nightstop initiative. This involves hosting a young person who is at risk of becoming homeless. Read more about it below.


We're  delighted to be working in partnership with Depaul UK to launch Nightstop in Glasgow – a really important service for young people in distress who are at risk of homelessness. We're putting a call out for volunteer hosts.

The reasons why young people end up homeless are varied. Most commonly, it's a breakdown in the relationship at home and sometimes a cooling-off period allows staff to support the family to reconnect and talk through their issues. Sometimes, the young person is escaping violence or abuse, or is facing issues concerning their sexuality.

Through Nightstop, young people facing the prospect of sleeping rough on the streets can be provided an emergency bed for the night – in a volunteer’s home rather than in a homelessness hostel. The Nightstop concept has been hugely successful in other parts of the country and we're excited about the opportunity to deliver a safe, compassionate and homely alternative to potentially risky options elsewhere.

We are putting out a call for the people of Glasgow to join the Nightstop network, by offering up any spare rooms they have in their homes and becoming a Nightstop host. Potential hosts undertake an application process as well as training and a vetting exercise; and will receive ongoing support from Simon Community staff.

There's more information about Nightstop in our news release

You can help by applying to become a host as well as by promoting this programme in your networks. 

To register your interest or learn more about this initiative, please contact Pauline Hannigan at pauline.hannigan@simonscotland.org

This will allow us to invite you to an information evening to meet us, hear about Nightstop and ask questions. We look forward to hearing from you.