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Combatting the causes and effects of homelessness

Glasgow Helpline: 0800 027 7466

Open 24 Hours (Free from Landlines)

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Launching Something New

A new era has arrived in the life of the Simon Community in Scotland. We are building on a long legacy of working alongside the most vulnerable and excluded people to combat and the causes and effects of homelessness.

We want everyone to have a safe place to live and access to the support they need. We are working hard to ensure the way we work and how we look matches our ambition and care.

What’s changing?

To help us achieve our vision, we have developed a refreshed look for the whole organisation. Our name has been revised to Simon Community Scotland and we have a completely new logo, identity and online presence to help us reach more people and deliver more impact across Scotland.

We’re delighted with our new energetic and vibrant visual identity. Our work today is very personalised and goes beyond meeting needs to helping build ambition, hope and recovery. In all this we focus on the strengths of everyone we support.

What’s staying the same?

Our approach remains the same: We work with people by starting where they are. As we support people move out of homelessness we want to help them:

  • recognise their own strengths and potential,
  • find some hope and renewed ambition, and
  • find a safe place to live and access to the support they need.

These are some things that will never change.

Our tireless passion

We are constantly working on new solutions and want to share that learning across Scotland. Our staff are our organisation and they bring a huge amount of energy and drive every day. Our new look has been developed to represent that.

We are proud of the work we do and want to ensure that our work remains relevant and accessible to those who most need our support.

If you would like to help us support others, please visit or ‘Support us’ page now. You can volunteer with us, give things we need or support us with a donation.

Please follow us on twitter: @SimonCommScot and like our facebook page.