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Combatting the causes and effects of homelessness

Glasgow Helpline: 0800 027 7466

Open 24 Hours (Free from Landlines)

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Why We Do What We Do

The paths leading to homelessness are no less traumatic for people today than they were in when we started in 1966. While the challenges people face are immense, services and options available have improved significantly.

Today we're no less committed, no less busy and no less energised in combatting the causes and the devastating effects of homelessness. In 2014 more than 36,000 people asked for help with homelessness across Scotland and many more are struggling on their own.

Our response:

Our focus today is built around a strategy that aims to reach more people and provide more help. We do this by finding new ways of working, providing more accommodation options and supporting people to make changes and overcome their problems.

Our current aims are:

Involving and including service users

  • All service users feel their views and opinions matter and are listened to.

Practicing our Values

  • Our values are evident in every area of activity.

Transforming Homelessness Responses

  • Finding and evidencing new ways to provide solutions.

Demonstrating Sector leadership

  • To be recognised as champions of change for homelessness.

Building Resources and Learning

  • We are constantly learning and developing and extending our partnerships and involvement in providing evidence through research.

Being Brilliant at the Basics

  • Simon Community is a well-run and governed organisation solely focused on delivering its mission and vision.